Did you know that 40% of all babies are sleep-deprived?

When babies don’t get enough sleep, or if their sleep is disrupted, they tend to be very agitated, nervous, hyperactive, and difficult to manage or soothe. Many parents know that when they miss their baby’s sleep time, it could become much harder for them to calm down and fall asleep. Sleep is a learned skill and by taking the little time it takes to sleep-train your child, you are setting your child up for better health as a child and an adult.

Good sleep is essential to a baby’s growth and development and the quality and duration of a baby’s nighttime sleep has a greater impact on overall growth and development than daytime sleep. The best treatment for sleep problems in children is to implement regular bedtime routine and keep to a regular schedule in the daytime, which will signal the transition from wake to sleep for your child. These healthy sleep patterns will lead to a happy, well-adjusted, and well-rested baby!

Sleep deprivation can lead to:

  • Exhaustion.
  • Physical damage to body tissues.
  • Dysfunction of the immune system.
  • Severe stress.
  • Developmental & behavioral problems such as hyperactivity, aggression & learning difficulties.

The number one fear I hear from new parents is about sleep issues and here’s how I can help! I will come to your home and help teach you and your newborn the right techniques to sleep through the night by age 3 months! OR if you just need an occasional night off, I can take care of the nighttime feedings, no training.

My name is Kris Bineau, and I am a Certified Newborn Care Specialist in Parker, CO. I have been thoroughly trained in newborn care and sleep training. I specialize in proper swaddling, soothing, sleeping, feeding & bathing techniques, as well as colic, reflux, failure to thrive, preemies, multiples, and nursery organizing.

I can also help sleep-train older babies and toddlers who have never learned the importance of sleep. In fact, about half of my clients have been between 4-8 months old and before I was called in to help, mom and dad were at their wits end from constantly being exhausted all of the time. But within 3-5 days, I put their babies on a regular sleep schedule and now these families are happy and well rested! They tell me they wish they had found me earlier! It’s never too late to sleep-train your child, but why not start them off right away from day one?

“The best gift you can give your baby—and yourself—is a good night’s sleep”.